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  A professor discovers that on the main island, Azeroth Prime, a medieval civilization exists.  Brewing outside the walls of its capital city is an evil force unlike any other.  This treacherous army has intentions of laying waste to the last bastion of goodness, honor and peace.  Its shamans and sorceresses will summon from beneath the earth′s surface hideous and ferocious creatures created for destruction.  Like the shadow of a hawk looming over its prey the army will advance with frightening mystical powers to begin its devastation.

Story Creator : Robert Marquiss



A film in the making!

Robert Marquiss:  Creater and Producer
John Terryl Plumeri: Composer and Conductor
Music© 2009, 2013 by Terry Plumeri. All rights reserved.

Art Direction Robert Marquiss

Covers By Robert Marquiss

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